Marina SaMont


Marina SaMont was born in Mexico, Monterrey. Inspired by Romanticism, Realism, and Mythology she has found her way through art by studying the strokes and colors used by old masters being Romanticism her preferred movement. As a self-taught artist, she has learned different and interesting techniques like tempera old recipe which consists in the combination of rare and high-quality pigments, egg, varnish, and spirits. Her studies include Charles Bargue method.

Marina’s paintings center on fantasy, myths, and portraits. Inspired by Caravaggio, her work explores the varying relationship between myth and fine art. The dark and obscure myth with passionate endings are her first choice of inspirational material and her paintings are a small window to a world surrounded by fantasy and intriguing endings that relies on her imagination. Although her portraits have a dark and mysterious side represented by her selection of colors and shades, they represent the real essence of the portrayed and there is no fantasy at all.

Her work represents her feeling toward the story she's telling with her oils, strong feelings with mystery between lines. The intention of every piece is to show the viewer a more passionate and strong way to appreciate mythology and portraits, how to get into the painting as if the viewer was there living that small gap of time.

Myths are part of her since they have helped her grow her sensitivity towards imagination. She uses myths and stories to represent her feelings and emotions of the moment, making it easier for her to show the viewer the type of sensation she feels in every painting.
Subjects such as pain, agony, pleasure, happiness and sometimes death, are represented in her paintings. The mystery that surrounds these artworks is what inspires her to create the next masterpiece.


New Masters Academy
Technique and Production Workshop by Lucia Sáenz
Resin Workshop by Lucia Sáenz
Encaustic Workshop by Lucia Sáenz
'Making a Painting' by Scott Waddell
'On Form' by Scott Waddell
'Portrait Course' by Scott Waddell
'Drawing and Painting' by Scott Waddell
'The Art of Painting' by Scott Waddell
'Figure and Painting Demonstration' by Scott Waddell
'Portrait Painting Demonstration' by Scott Waddell
'Values Skin Tones' by Sharon Sprung
'In the Studios of the French Academies' at Academy of Realist Art by Fernando Freitas
Curatorship: Basic Notions at MARCO - Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Monterrey by Idalia B. Santos Carmona
Alla Prima by Sadie Valeri


San Pedro Garza García, Mexico

2018 March 06 - 07
Grand Opening De La Mancha Art Magazine
Centro Cultural Plaza Fátima

London, UK

2014 October 21 - 27
Group show 'Portraits'
The Brick Lane Gallery

London, UK

2014 October 09 - 19
Group show 'Portraits'
The Brick Lane Gallery